Best Indian Finance YouTubers (2023)

Posted On : 08-12-2022

Top Finance Youtubers in India

We all are working hard for a better quality of life and want that dream house, car, or even shop without seeing a price tag. But can we reach there with the resources we have today? Absolutely! The only thing we must do is gain the right financial knowledge through the best Indian finance YouTubers so that we could move in the right direction.

And to learn the concepts of money, you no longer need to spend big bucks or consult someone to get guidance. The Top finance YouTubers make sure to teach you all of it for free and in an easy-to-understand language. This will lead you to become smarter with your decisions and more confident in life.

What you read, see, or hear on social media, blogs, or podcasts has a big impact on how much money you spend, but you can decide whether that influence is positive or negative. And the financial YouTubers retain a lot of authority because they provide value in whatever they post that will make the little to big decisions in your life better.

List of Best Finance YouTubers in India

Pranjal Kamra

PR Sundar

YouTube Channel Link: Pranjal Kamra

People who are looking to make money or looking forward to expand their money cycle must have come across investing as one of the best ways to do that. But to time the market or make well-informed decisions to give you great profits, you need exceptional skills and knowledge. To cater to this need, PR Sundar, an options trader, and market analyst started the channel where his sole mission is to make you aware of the market. He takes it one step ahead by uploading finance videos consistently where he shares his opinion on the current state of the market and whether you should invest or sell right now. This makes it even easier for the audience to rise above the inflation rate and be financially independent.

This is the reason why he is one of the most influential people in the industry of finance and has over 1.02 million subscribers. His most watched videos have crossed 2 million views i.e “how I made 45 lakhs in 6 days with trading”

Pranjal Kamra

Pranjal Kamra

YouTube Channel Link: Pranjal Kamra

Ever heard the stories of “if you had invested just 10k in this stock in 1992, you would have made crores of rupees today” Ever wondered what is the reason? The reason is we are a growing economy, and you can avail its benefits only when you receive interest on your money more than what the inflation rate is. The stock market is one such place that can do that for you and make you lakhs or even crores of rupees. Pranjal Kamra is that friend of yours who will teach you all everything about investments.

Even if you are not aware of the market at all, he posts content for beginners as well. Each concept is discussed in detail with even the minute details covered so that you are confident when you enter the market. He uses real life or the latest examples for his concepts so that your attention span is maintained.

All of his videos are so carefully planned or made that there is little room for doubt left. This has enabled one of the top finance YouTubers in India to garner a following of over 4.73 million. His most watched video on “stock market for beginners” has more than 12 million views just reflecting the authority he has.

Pranjal Kamra

Labour Law Advisor

YouTube Channel Link: Labour Law Advisor

With the name, you might be wondering how is this going to help me financially? The answer lies in the fact that the Labour Law channel covers topics from taxation, personal finance, investment for employees, and rights of employees, which has a direct impact on you or your financial condition.

It covers each and every topic with a different approach so that you understand it thoroughly and are able to make well-informed decisions. It has a following of 3.77 million with an amazing engagement rate getting them over 75 crore views in total.

Pranjal Kamra

CA Rachna Phadke Ranade

YouTube Channel Link: CA Rachna Phadke Ranade

Rachna Ranade is a chartered accountant and a women entrepreneur who has helped thousands of students in getting the right knowledge regarding the stock markets, taxation, etc. Earlier, she used to take batches to make people financially literate or to help them pursue a career in it. Today, she has become a full-time YouTuber and she imbibes all of her deep knowledge and experience to you in the form of creative content.

The brilliance of one of the best financial independence YouTube channels can be seen in the fact that she teaches her audience in a way that they don’t forget, her topics are covered so deeply and in such an easy manner that you won’t find finance difficult ever.

Pranjal Kamra

Ankur Warikoo

YouTube Channel Link: Ankur Warikoo

Ankur Warikoo is an active public speaker, mentor, entrepreneur, and angel investor. Warikoo has been actively sharing content on YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the past 4 years, building a following of over 3 million people in the process. Every week, he uploads three Hindi and English videos to his YouTube channel where he discusses failure, personal finance, entrepreneurship, and how to grow in life.

Ankur has a lot of authority in the financial sector as a result of his inclusion on the Fortune Magazine’s 40 under 40 List for India, LinkedIn India’s Power Profiles List, LinkedIn India’s Spotlight List, and India’s Top Executives under 40 list making him one of the best and answering your question who is the biggest finance YouTuber in India?

Pranjal Kamra

Asset Yogi

YouTube Channel Link: Asset Yogi

AssetYogi is your complete Finance Guide for absolutely free. The simplest explanation possible is given for every aspect of money, investments, and business. Schools and colleges offer a variety of courses so that we can get paid. But regrettably, we are never taught anything about money. We don't learn until we lose money. That is not necessarily the case.

AssetYogi wants to increase financial literacy by using everyday language. You can find best-in-class information and tools on one of the best financial independence YouTube channel, which was previously only accessible to corporations.

Pranjal Kamra

Booming Bulls

YouTube Channel Link: Booming Bulls

The primary goal of the vision-driven organization Booming Bulls is to spread the right trading principles. Sharing relevant trading information and insightful keynotes with eager students and other traders is something they always thrive on.

The Top Finance YouTube channel enables you to see a clear and concise representation of how trading can be done to generate steady profits from the stock market. Booming Bulls equips you with the fundamental abilities and precise knowledge you require to succeed as a trader, whether your goals are to become an intraday, options, or positional trader.

Pranjal Kamra

Manoj Kumar Jain

YouTube Channel Link: Manoj Kumar Jain

Manoj Kumar Jain is a deeply knowledgeable person who has won many ranking and awards for his excellent contribution and portrayal of skills such as kulpati gold medal, 17th rank in all India in his CA final, etc. He is a chartered account and cost accountant with a wide experience.

To make sure the maximum amount of people become financially aware, he started this YouTube channel. His unique methods of explanation and coverage of topics, you can easily see how well-researched and informed he is as he imparts knowledge to you with easy explanations and fun methods.

Pranjal Kamra

Akshat Shrivastava

YouTube Channel Link: Akshat Shrivastava

Akshat Shrivastava is a “finfluencer” or one of the top finance YouTubers in India who previously worked as a consultant for BCG and Dalberg. His content focuses on the stock market, investment strategies, and the economy. His objective is to create content that will help his followers advance their careers and, consequently, their financial situation. He has 1.9 million YouTube subscribers, 97.8K Instagram followers, and 147.6K Twitter followers.

Just like his tagline. You can make a guess as to how simply he explains even the most complex topics if you consider that he creates content that even his 1-year-old son can understand when he grows up.

Pranjal Kamra

Kunal Saraogi

YouTube Channel Link: Kunal Saraogi

Kunal Saraogi is a well-known market analyst, trader, investor, fund manager, and SEBI-registered research analyst. He has mentored an increasing number of fervent investors who have achieved extraordinary success in the markets by applying the strategies and principles he developed and perfected. He teaches the same on his YouTube channel consistently covering each and every topic properly.

Mr. Saraogi is also the founder and CEO of Equityrush, a Noida-based company that pioneered structured education in the fields of technical and quantitative analysis in India through its innovative classroom programs which just reflects the kind of authority he must have generated in the field of finance.

Pranjal Kamra

Sunil Minglani

YouTube Channel Link: Sunil Minglani

Successful Stock Market Psychologist and one of the top finance YouTube channel owner Sunil Minglani has more than 20 years of experience in this area. His signature skill on his channel and the thing that set his channel apart from others is his engaging and humorous storytelling narrative style. You won't need to look elsewhere because everything about finance is covered there in the simplest way possible.

He has a devoted fan base all over the country and has been a prominent face on Zee Business as well. His highly rated, award-winning programme "Bazaar Shastra" ran smoothly for nearly 100 episodes.

Pranjal Kamra

Power of Stocks

YouTube Channel Link: Power of Stocks

As the name suggests, stocks contain a lot of power to make you rich enough or grow your money to another level. And to receive knowledge regarding it, this channel is ideal that uses graphics, editing, and a different narrative to help you understand every topic from basic to advance of the stock market.

This is the reason it has a subscriber base of 1.19 million and a high engagement rate which has gotten them over 13 crore views in total. Make sure you follow one fo the biggest finance YouTuber in India.

Pranjal Kamra

Vivek Bajaj

YouTube Channel Link: Vivek Bajaj

Vivek is incredibly passionate about financial markets and spreading knowledge about various financial topics through his YouTube channel, which is essential for the inclusive development of society. His comments section is brimming with a sense of surprise at the depth of information that is offered for free and in an easy-to-understand language.

With over 200 full-time trading associates, he built one of the biggest financial market trading firms in India after beginning his career as an analyst. He is currently working full-time on and, which are genuinely revolutionizing how India approaches the financial market giving him a lot of credibility as an influencer.

Pranjal Kamra

Invest Aaj for Kal

YouTube Channel Link: Invest Aaj for Kal

Anant Ladha is a CFA, CA CFP LL.B. and learner of the financial market with great experience. As he saw a gap in financial knowledge being available, he made this channel with each of the concepts discussed in detail. What makes his channel superior to others is his ability to take feedback and deliver what the audience wants. He makes sure to clear any doubt that you might have just like in a classroom.

You will find playlist of different subjects covered beautifully. He has a following of over 1.85 million and a great engagement rate on one of the top finance YouTube channel.

Pranjal Kamra

Parimal Ade

YouTube Channel Link: Parimal Ade

Parimal is a lead investor in the country who is on a mission to spread financial literacy for which he has a website as well-known as It is one of the biggest finance YouTuber in India covers general topics and specific ones in detail consistently so that you make as well-informed decisions as him and book great profits which becomes the hook of his channel. It has a following of 480k and an engagement rate that is so brilliant that it gets him over 100k views on all of his videos.

You will find playlist of different subjects covered beautifully. He has a following of over 1.85 million and a great engagement rate on one of the top finance YouTube channel.

Top Finance YouTubers in India - A Master Weapon for Brands

Today, everyone wants to know "how to" things and learn more about them. For instance, instructions on how to access online banking, how to apply for quick loans, how to buy stocks, etc. The audience is interested in knowing how to do things, so influencers who can respond to these questions quickly and simply will likely benefit themselves, their community, and the brands they support.

Due to this growing popularity, well-known fintech companies like HDFC have made influencer marketing a key component of their marketing strategy. The following are some of the factors that make the influencer marketing strategy effective in helping a brand achieve its goals:

- The availability of a specific target market with an interest in monetary investments and financial-related topics. It follows that there is a high ROI and reach.