Top Influencer Marketing Company for all Social Media Platforms

YouTube Influencer Marketing

According to Hubspot, YouTube will see the most progression of any platform in 2023. It is presently used by 57 % of marketers, with 91% of those using it planning to increase or maintain their investment. We help you sell More on World's second-largest search engine with targeted YouTube influencer marketing campaigns. Our exemplary team of content strategists & YouTube experts create prodigious customer-winning stories which are a combination of tested insightful strategic thinking & placements with resourceful creative narratives to expand your reach.

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram is used by 58% of all marketers. It is a great platform to reach the audience, especially due to its high engagement rate. The average engagement rate on the podium is about 1.87% for influencers. It has helped some brands skyrocket their sales overnight – it’s that great. Instagram influencers have developed large audiences who, when shown the right product, will convert.

By applying Instagram influencer marketing, you can stimulate your latest products, acquire new customers, and communicate directly with your existing ones. Nevertheless, to create campaigns on Instagram, you need to have a strong strategy. We provide a holistic Instagram influencer marketing strategy to get even more out of the platform. Hence, hire our leading influencer marketing company today!

Facebook Influencer Marketing

This is not only the most used social media platform but, provides the highest ROI. There are over 2.7 billion monthly active Facebook users, worldwide. That’s a lot of individuals, and you’re sure to find a large section of your target audience here as a result.

In addition to being extremely popular, Facebook also attracts an engaged audience. We understand its algorithm deeply and have 50K verified Facebook influencers on board.

LinkedIn Influencer Marketing

Hire IGYgrow, to reach your ideal customers on the world's largest professional network. With informative-effective influencer marketing campaigns, we help you bring value to your customer, provide a solution to their pain point, entertain the viewer, evoke positive emotion, educate your audience: share some snooping facts, the latest industry trends- stats, and valuable tips related to your product or service.

Our professionals for LinkedIn aim to drive action with the right CTA -- helping you captivate a professional audience with sight, sound and motion through creators & creativity at its best. So, get your brand noticed by professionals with LinkedIn, as according to Hubspot, 68% of video marketers plan to use LinkedIn videos next year.

Snapchat Influencer Marketing

Snapchat Influencer marketing can be well-thought-out as the ace of social media marketing campaigns because of its high rates of conversion, candid interaction and provision for shared content engagement.

With average millennial active operators on Snapchat using the podium for an approx. 30 minutes per day and 60 % of daily active users subsidising content to the platform it’s definitely one of the most steadfast places to market a product or service. These figures evidently pour in insights that specify the platform to be one of the most engaging ways to connect with the desired audiences.