Top Gaming YouTubers in India to follow in 2023

Posted On : 14-06-2023

Top Gaming YouTubers in India to follow in 2023

Gaming has carved out a generous market segment in recent years where millennials and Generation Z are being affected by the thrill and rush of playing mind-blowing, exhilarating, and captivating games. However, there are some gamers who have revolutionised the space by utilising YouTube for their gaming content and gaining a huge following. These gaming YouTubers have carved out a career path in it and are constantly getting the community more recognized by representing India on International forums, competitions, etc.

As these Indian Gaming YouTube channels are the first ones to come up with any information you need to know regarding the gaming field, cross the most difficult levels of your favourite games, and achieve big in space, they have gradually become idols for millions of fellow gamers.

This opens up a great opportunity for brands to collaborate with these gaming YouTubers and tap into their loyal audience who believe in their recommendations by promoting their games. These gamers are able to integrate your product.

Let’s take a deeper dive into who are they, what are their types, and who are the top gaming YouTubers right now:

Who Are Gaming YouTubers?

Gaming YouTubers are individuals whose content or videos on YouTube revolves around gaming. These gamers build a loyal following owing to their unique approach and coverage of different exciting elements of gaming ranging from product reviews to gameplay.

Let’s take a look at the types of gamers you will find on the platform:

Types Of Gaming YouTube Channels

  • Game Reviewers: These are the ones who provide you with every single detail of a game that has either been released recently or is trending. They cover aspects like graphics, experience, storyline, difficulty level, etc for you to make an informed decision
  • Gameplay: These are the most common gaming YouTubers who stream themselves playing the most trendy or difficult games with skills. This leads to a lot of credibility for them as they cross each of the levels in front of a live audience. It also helps the audience to learn the tips and tricks to get better at the game.
  • Professional gamers: These are the gaming YouTubers who participate in national or international competitions and also host a lot of them. They are skilled in their speed, moves, techniques, etc to a level that they earn huge money from these contests. They also stream or post videos of these events on their channels making them highly watched.
  • Cosplayers: These are the gaming enthusiasts who take your game experience to the next level by dressing up as legendary characters. You will also find them at a lot of game-related events, etc just giving a sense of community.
  • Retro Gamers: These are the gamers each of the millennials especially can relate to. They play the ever legendary games like Road Rash, etc which we used to play on our PCs, etc.

Best Indian Gaming YouTubers to follow in 2023:

Techno Gamerz

1. Techno Gamerz

YouTube Channel Link: Techno Gamerz

Ujawal Chaurasia aka techno gamers is one of the biggest Indian gaming YouTubers in the gaming community. He has always been fond of games since his childhood and has been playing the most difficult ones. With time he developed unmatched skills in games like GTA, free fire, etc after which he started uploading gameplays along with a lot of different content revolving around games.

His commentaries along with his gameplays giving tips, advices to his audience as to how they can get better makes it engaging for fellow gamers. His most popular video having over 83 million views just shows the kind of credibility he holds in the field.

AS Gaming

2. AS Gaming

YouTube Channel Link: AS Gaming

Indian Free Fire content creator Sahil Rana aka AS gaming is well-known and well-liked on YouTube. One of the top gaming youtubers posts a variety of original videos concerning the game, usually relating to news and updates, as well as vlogs of his daily activities and more. Since October 2016, Sahil has been publishing content on YouTube.

Today he has developed such a deep connection with his audience that even if he experiments with content outside of gaming, he gets an average of 500k views. You will also find him doing a lot of collaborations in these videos. He gets amazing results out of those owing to his ability of storytelling and igniting the need for the product in his audience,

Total Gaming

3. Total Gaming

YouTube Channel Link: 3. Total Gaming

Ajju Bhai, also known as Total Gaming, is one of the most well-known Indian gaming YouTubers from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, who specialises in gaming. He is the most well-known and most subscribed gaming YouTuber in India and is renowned for being an expert in several different games. Along with his profession in gaming, he also works as a software developer, independent contractor, and "growth hacker" in Surat, Gujarat. He is skilled in a variety of programming languages, including PHP and JavaScript.

You will find him to be one of the most consistent gaming YouTubers who bring in a touch of humour with his impeccable skills as well. He has over 38 million views on his most popular video showing the kind of audience he attracts with his content.

Gyan Gaming

4. Gyan Gaming

YouTube Channel Link: Gyan Gaming

Ankit manages "Gyan Gaming," one of the best gaming YouTube channels, where he posts films on Garena's free fire. Gyan Sujan is Ankit's alias in-game. The free-fire player has uploaded a lot of content to the platform with his teammates AS Gaming and Raistar. A booyah has been scored by one of the top gaming YouTubers in 5898 of the almost 16000 squad games in which they have participated.

He interacts with his followers frequently and speaks honestly on his streams. Additionally, he inquires with them about his content, and how it might be improved, and imparts those ideas. This fosters a sense of community among his followers.

Lokesh Gamer

5. Lokesh Gamer

YouTube Channel Link: Lokesh Gamer

Lokesh Raj, also known as Lokesh Gamer, is one of the top gaming YouTubers for you if you want to learn how to play games like Free Fire or improve your gaming abilities. Lokesh outperforms his competition by joining the niche and persistently disseminating information about this specific game.

The countless gameplay videos, gaming product reviews, vlogs, and other content on his YouTube channel amuse his audience. He can experiment with a variety of gaming techniques while consistently providing his audience with fresh and interesting content to watch, which is why he is so well-liked. His accomplishment is evident from the over 12 million views his most well-known video has garnered.

Desi Gamers

6. Desi Gamers

YouTube Channel Link: Desi Gamers

The channel's host, Amit Sharma, is renowned for his live Garena Free Fire broadcasting. One of the top gaming YouTubers, though, does like to play Minecraft. He started YouTube as a way to kill time after graduating from college, but today he has over 13.5 million subscribers and an average audience of 1.3 million.

The most prestigious companies usually collaborate with him. Working with companies like IGYgrow can help you collaborate with these very effective gaming YouTubers in a budget-friendly manner to grow in an unmatched manner.

Dynamo Gaming

7. Dynamo Gaming

YouTube Channel Link: Dynamo Gaming

Aditya Sawant or Dynamo Gaming is one of the fastest-growing Indian gaming YouTubers. As he played games like Battlefield, GTA, and Apex, he started uploading videos to his YouTube channel, "Dynamo Gaming," in 2010. In an interview, he admitted that the inspiration for the name of his YouTube channel originated from watching the TV show "Dynamo Magician" when he was a little child.

His knowledge and incredible abilities caused his gaming and commentary to, on average, receive millions of views. His tutorials, suggestions, and other content have been so on point from the beginning that his subscribers have grown to love his channel. He is one of the best YouTubers to work with because of this.


8. CarryisLive

YouTube Channel Link: CarryisLive

Because of his passion for gaming, Ajey Nagar, one of the most well-known gaming YouTubers in India, runs one of the best gaming YouTube channels. He already has a following for roasting, so he applies the same skills to create incredibly funny gaming videos.

Since then, he has continuously given the area enjoyment and the essential abilities. He collaborates with the top gaming-related businesses, judges the Amazon gaming competition, and supports others in the sector through his platform. He is a role model for other gamers, making him the ideal influencer to collaborate with and develop for brands.


9. Mythpat

YouTube Channel Link: Mythpat

Mithilesh Patankar, often known online as Mythpat, is one of the most famous Indian gaming YouTubers who posts amusing gaming videos while playing games like GTA and Minecraft. Mythpat got his start on YouTube by posting how-to videos including PUBG and GTA 5. Grand Theft Auto 5 "mods'' were used by him. Today, he streams with his funny commentary.

His videos have grabbed the attention of millions of people nationwide because he is a well-known character in the gaming business. His videos will fascinate you even if you aren't a player! He now has more than 13.4 million subscribers, and his success rate has increased. He has also worked with several illustrious figures in the industry, such as CarryMinati, Bhuvan Bam, Tanmay Bhat, and Ashish Chanchlani, expanding his network even further.

TwoSide Gamers

10. TwoSide Gamers

YouTube Channel Link: TwoSide Gamers

Two Side Gamers was formed by Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka, two cousins who started the first pair gaming channel in India. Additionally, it is the first Indian station to live stream gameplay from the free-for-all mode of Garena.

The gaming YouTubers participated in the eSports free fire Champions Cup, which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, and organised by Garena free fire Asia. The following year, the pattern was repeated in Thailand.

For some time, Ritik and Jash played PUBG. However, two Indian gaming YouTubers who specialise in gaming decided to centre their streams on the release of Free Fire. They are well-known today, and their videos receive a tonne of views.